Call for Nominations 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Will you join the ICF Toronto Board of Directors?
Do you want to shape, contribute and influence the future of our ICF Toronto Chapter?

ICF Toronto is one of the largest chapters in ICF Global. We are growing with almost 1200 members and over 2000 members and guests. ICF Toronto is an award-winning chapter, receiving the Global Chapter Excellence Award several times, including in 2021 for innovation.

ICF Toronto is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of 12 ICF Toronto members. Please consider joining this amazing group of coaches contributing their time, passion, and leadership talents to strengthen our community.

We have openings for our Director of Marketing and Communications, and Director of Corporate Outreach. The roles and responsibilities for these positions can be viewed here. Directors must be ICF Toronto Chapter members with paid activity fee.

On September 29 from 4:00-5:00 pm, please jump on a Zoom call with Alicia Saint, President and Jane Graydon, Past President to learn more about joining our Board

Here is the timeline for the new Board of Directors:

 Call for nominations  Sept. 15
 Nomination submissions close  Oct. 15
 Interview of applicants  Week of Oct. 24 to Oct. 28
 Selections finalized and presented to the Board  Early November
 Publication of selected nominees with bios to ICF Toronto membership/Chapter  Mid November
 AGM - Election to approve candidate slate  January 2023
 New Board member orientation  Jan. - Feb. 2023
 New Board of Directors takes office  March 1, 2023

Express your interest today by visiting

There are many individuals who have contributed as Board Members who say the experience was fantastic. Some would say that they had a passion and interest to add and grow their leadership skills at a Board level, and others would say they want to contribute to the growth of the Chapter and others would want to lead a change or get to know other coaches. You are most welcome to connect with any current Board member HERE to help you consider your nomination.

ICF Toronto is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive association where all coaches and clientele are treated with respect and equality. We will embody a community of belonging through our policy, programs, and procedures. Our journey includes undertaking foundational work that focuses on:

  • Ongoing individual and collective education
  • Identifying and addressing systemic barriers
  • Gathering and understanding the identities and needs of the chapter
  • Board accountability through transparency, collaboration, and thoughtfulness

We hope you consider being part of this exciting and rewarding experience - a chance to have your say and make a difference!

A big thank you to ICF Toronto members Begum Verjee and Glennie Mercer, who volunteered to join Jane Graydon in making up our 2023/2024 Nominating Committee.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Graydon at or Kim Leitch at

14845-6 Yonge Street Suite 185  Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8
T: 416.960.4791 x3   F: 416.929.5256