Considering Becoming a Coach? 

Coaching can be a rewarding career  - start your journey with ICF.


Learn more about the ICF Toronto Community by registering to come to one of our meetings. Learn more about coaching from professional coaches! 

Organizations and individuals hiring coaches in Ontario often choose a coach based on their ICF accreditation and affiliation.  

Toronto is home to some of the highest quality coaching programs in the world. Ongoing continuing education is mandatory for all accredited coaches. 

Should I Become A Coach?:

Our Coaching Community:

People embark on their coaching development journey for many reasons:

People working for a corporation or organization, who intend to use coaching internally:

  • Coaches, human resources managers and organization development consultants utilize coaching skills to improve interpersonal interactions among employees and to enhance performance,
  • Managers and executives integrate coaching skills as part of a mandate to improve team performance and cooperation, and enhance the bottom line,
  • Teachers use coaching skills to facilitate learning and engage students.

Professionals who wish to expand their skill set and perhaps include coaching services:

  • Counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other behavioural health professionals, who want to add a powerful new technique to their professional tool kit,
  • Mediators, for the same reason,
  • Business consultants, who want to move from a style of advice-giving to one of encouraging clients to come up with their own solutions, and/or those who want to add coaching to their service offerings.

People who wish to make a career change:

  • Entrepreneurs, who plan to open a coaching business,
  • Retiring professionals, who wish to extend their expertise by becoming a coach, to provide a flexible retirement lifestyle,
  • Specialists, such as teachers, health care professionals, attorneys, engineers, and others, who become a coach in their field of specialty.

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